Angie Harris discusses how mom’s can learn how to be mindful so that they can teach their kids mindfulness! Mrs. Harris is en educator, lecturer, proficient expert in meditation, and author of the renown book “Mad to Glad”.

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Angie discusses her tricks of the trade, regarding her signature tool, a Tibetan Singing Ball, which she utilizes in all of her meditation sessions. She also discusses the difference between meditation and midfulness.

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Angie discusses the inability to have someone force you to be calm. The state of calm only comes from the willingness of the participant, then and only then can the art of teaching mindfulness take effect.


In today’s modern society, where there is a true disconnect that is present due to technological advances, it is important that not only chidren learn to be present and involved at a young age; but it’s also key that the parents that guide, nurture, and help them develop, also learn the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Be aware of your surroundings, be present, describe your present moment… Your feet planted on the ground, the air you are breathing, the sense of touch…

For more information on Angie Harris, and how you can reach her for her expertise in developing mindfulness, you can visit her website at ; her renown book is available on AMAZON: “Mad to Glad: Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions” By Angie Harris

I am not seeking to quiet down the outside world as much as I once did. This desire to control the uncontrollable creates tremendous suffering. Instead, I am accessing the quiet that lives within all of us. I am the eye within the storm.

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